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MCPE Rail System is a minecraft creation by Baddy2004, the founder of this wiki. Currently, it is not available for download.


1. Quartz Line - Spawn to Cliff (Q)

2. Gold Line - Cliff to Cold Volcano and back to Cliff (G)

3. Iron Line - Cliff to Forest West (I)

4. Diamond Line - Cold Desert to Pool (D)

5. Lapis Line - Cold Desert to Forest Edge (L)

6. Redstone Line - Spawn to HQ (R)

7. Glowstone Line - Cliff to Forest Cliff (GL)

8. Coal Line - Cold Edge to Tundra Peak (C)

9. Netherrack Line - Forest Cliff to Forest Edge (N)

10. Obsidian Line - Cold Desert to Tundra Peak (O)

Special Line 1 - Cold Edge to Mountain Cliff (Depot) (S1)

Quartz Line

The first line, Quartz Line has 3 stations. It has all 3 stations with interchanges.

Spawn (Q/R) <-> Cold Desert (Q/O/L) <-> Cliff (Q/G/I/GL)

Gold Line

This line has 4 stations. It is a loop line.

Cliff (Q/G/I/GL) <-> Mountain Cliff (G/GL/S1) <-> Tundra (G/O) <-> Cold Edge (G/O/S1) <-> Cold Volcano (G) <-> Cliff (Q/G/I/GL)

Iron Line

This line has a tunnel that goes even when overground.

Cliff (Q/G/I/GL) <-> Viewpoint (I) <-> Forest West (I)

Diamond Line

This is the first line to have 2 stations, instead of 3. This train line is also removed.

Cold Desert (Q/O/L) <-> Pool (GL)

Lapis Line

This line has 1 overground station, which is the first.

Cold Desert (Q/O/L) <-> Forest (L) <-> Forest Cliff (L/GL/N) <-> Forest Ocean (L) <-> Forest Edge (N/L)

Redstone Line

This line is built the same time as the HQ.

Spawn (Q/R) <-> HQ (R)

Glowstone Line

Most of the stations this line passes through has a part of the name "Cliff". Cliff station also included.

Cliff (Q/G/I/GL) <-> Mountain Cliff (G/GL) <-> Pool (GL) <-> Forest Cliff (L/GL/N)

Coal Line

This line is the only line with 2 stations to have a non special purpose. This line is also removed.

Cold Edge (G/O/S1) <-> Tundra Peak (O)

Netherrack Line

This line is the first line to be totally underground.

VIP Terminal (N/O) <-> Forest Cliff (L/GL/N) <-> Forest Edge (N/L)

Obsidian Line

This line is the longest line in its construction, along with Lapis Line.

Cold Desert (Q/O/L) <-> Tundra (G/O) <-> VIP Terminal (N/O) <-> Cold Edge (G/O/S1) <-> Tundra Peak (O)

Depot Line

This line can only be ridden by Admins.

Cold Edge (G/O/S1) <-> Depot (G/GL/S1)


Quartz Line

Gold Line

Iron Line

Lapis Line

Redstone Line

Glowstone Line

Coal Line


  1. There are also other versions of this system which is older and not being touched.
  2. The second Forest Ocean Station had another version where it is over sea level. It was canceled, and the Forest Ocean station became underwater.